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We are proud of our SERVICE, our PRODUCTS and our BRAND

ZACHARY BRUSHES has been serving the painting industry in CANADA since year 2000.  We are proud that our brand has earned the respect and trust of professional painters, decorators and builders.  Our extensive product range, while serving the needs of the professional market, also provides the DIY consumer an excellent choice of quality product for their painting projects.

All ZACHARY products are made to the most precise standards.  State of the art production methods combined with the finest raw materials ensures that we remain ahead of the market for both product design and quality.

Ultimately, serving the needs of our customers is at the core of our business goals, and to that end we will continue to be innovative in our product development, quality guarantees, and delivery services.

What Makes a Quality Brushes?


Traditional hand trimmed in CANADA.  Giving the tips of the brush filaments a much finer edge which granted painters significantly more control when applying paint and cut in


100% Inspected in Canada for the best quality guarantee and control


Double stainless steel ferrule for strength and longer-lasting user experience

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